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What's new in 6.12 (2014-Apr-14 09:27):

*) l2tp - fixed "no buffer space available" problem;
*) ipsec - support IPv4 over IPv6 and vice versa;
*) pppoe - report correctly number of active links;
*) updated timezone information;
*) many fixes for CRS managed switch functionality -
particularly improved VLAN support, port isolation, defaults;
*) added trunk support for CRS switches;
*) added policing support for CRS switches;
*) www - added support for HTTP byte ranges;
*) lte - provide signal strength using snmp and make 'info once' work in console;

What's new in 6.11 (2014-Mar-20 09:16):

*) ipsec - fix aes-cbc hardware acceleration on CCR with key sizes 192 and 256;
*) wireless - add auto frequency feature;
*) ovpn - fixed TLS renegotiation;
*) ovpn - make bridge mode work with big packets (do not leave extraneous padding);
*) ovpn - fixed require-client-certifcate;
*) ppp - revert RADIUS NAS-Port behaviour, report tunnel interface id;
*) ppp - mppe encryption together with mrru locked the router;
*) dhcp - added support for DHCP option 138 - list of CAPWAP IPv4 servers;
*) quickset - added Guest Network setup to Home AP mode;
*) console - no longer required to supply value of '/routing bgp instance vrf'
property 'instance' for 'add' command;
*) ethernet - added option to enable rx/tx flow control
(will be disabled by default);
*) ethernet - added ability to specify advertised modes for copper ports;
*) fixed 100% cpu usage on CCRs;
*) ssl - not finding CRL in local store for any certificate in trust chain will cause connection to fail;
*) lte - support for Huawei ME609 and ME909u-521;

What's new in 6.10 (2014-Feb-12 13:46):

*) fix autosupout.rif generation after kernel panic;
*) ovpn - make it work again;
*) ovpn client - remove cipher=any & auth=any options,
protocol does not support them;
*) pptp - fixed where Windows & MacOS clients were disconnecting all the time;
*) sstp - make it work with Windows client with AES encryption;
*) ipv6 pool - fix dynamic prefix disappearing which may influence large
VPNs with IPv6;
*) ssh client - fix key agreement when sometimes wrong DH algorithm was selected;
*) bgp - multipath eBGP now does not propagate BGP nexthop unless
forced in configuration;
*) removed 10/100 half duplex from autonegotiation advertisement on CCR;

What's new in 6.9 (2014-Jan-31 11:18):

*) lcd - added option to change the color-scheme;
*) updated bootloader firmware;
*) ppp: fixed RADIUS accounting;
*) ppp: fixed IPV6-Prefix assigning;
*) ppp: fixed dial-on-demand;

What's new in 6.8 (2014-Jan-29 15:52):

*) bridge - default protocol-mode changed to RSTP for new bridges,
fixed bridge mac address changing when port (with lowest mac address) goes down
*) userman - improve startup time;
*) sstp client - support server name verification from certificate;
*) wireless - improved 11n and nv2 stability;
*) dhcp client - support interfaces in bridge;
*) dhcp - parse decimal strings and IP addreses in options value;
*) bgp - don't show community 'internet' in BGP advertisements;
*) ipsec - enable hardware acceleration for aes-cbc + md5|sha1|sha256 aead on CCR;
*) ospf - fixed checksum calculation for OSPFv3 AS-external-LSAs;
*) default configuration - changed dhcp server lease time to 10 minutes;
*) fixed port isolation on CRSs (bug introduced in v6.6);
*) smb - added support for SMB 2.002
*) timezone information updated;
*) ppp - fixed ppp bridging (did not work since v6.6);
*) improved speed of PPP, PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP on multicore routers;
*) address-list - fix crash when adding two identical address list entries;
*) fixed multicast forwarding on CCRs;
*) firewall - improved address-type matcher, and added it for ipv6 aswell;
*) kernel drivers for ppp, pppoe, pptp, l2tp are now lock-less on transmit & receive;
*) all ppp packets (except discovery packets) now can be handled by multiple cores;
*) MPPE driver now can handle up to 256 out-of-order packets;

What's new in 6.7 (2013-Nov-29 13:37):

*) support Android usb tethering interface;
*) ipsec - added aes-gcm icv16 encryption mode;
*) wireless - improve rate selection for nstreme protocol
*) poe - new poe controller firmware for RB750UP and OmniTIK UPA;
*) ipsec - added aes-ctr encryption mode;
*) leds - inverted modem signal trigger, now it will trigger when the signal
level rises above the treshold;
*) ipsec - added sha256 and sha512 support;
*) ipsec - proposal defaults changed to aes-128 and sha1 for both phase1 and phase2;
*) certificate - support ip, dns and email subject alternative names;
*) dhcpv4 server - added REMOTE_ID option variable for relayed packets;
*) ipsec - fix policy bypass on IPv6 gre, ipip, eoip tunnels when policy
uses protocol filter;
*) userman - fix crash on tilera;
*) fixed hairpin nat on bridge with use-ip-firewall=yes;
*) fixed vlan on bridge after reboot having 00:00:00:00:00:00 mac address;
*) address-list - allow manually adding timeoutable entries;
*) address-list - show dynamic entry timeout;
*) fixed l2mtu changing on CCRs - could cause port flapping;
*) disabling/enabling ethernet ports did not work properly on CCRs,
could cause port flapping;
*) fixed port flapping on CCR - could happen when having other than
only-hardware-queue interface queue.
Note that having other interface queue than only-hardware-queue
dramatically reduces performace, so should be avoided if possible;

What's new in 6.6 (2013-Nov-07 13:04):

*) winbox - fixed problem where all previous session opened windows were read only;
*) certificate - no more 'reset-certificate-cache' and 'decrypt' commands,
private keys can be decrypted only on 'import', use 'decrypt'
before upgrade if needed;
*) fixed arp-reply only with more than one ip address on interface;
*) fixed RB400 not to reboot by watchdog during micro-sd format;
*) web proxy - fix SPDY server push handling;
*) certificate - merged '/certificate ca issued', '/certificate scep client' and
'/certificate templates' into '/certificate';
*) console - :foreach command can iterate over keys and values in an array,
by specifying two counter variables, e.g.:
:foreach k,v in=[/system clock get] do={:put "$k is $v"};
*) added support for new Intel 10Gb ethernet cards (82599);
*) certificates - fixed certificate import;
*) wireless - fixed crash when dfs was enabled on pre-n wireless cards;
*) fixed port flapping on CCR;

What's new in 6.5 (2013-Oct-16 15:32):

*) tftp - added data packet pipelining for read requests;
*) console - exported physical interface configuration uses 'default-name'
instead of item number to match relevant interface;
*) console - report all constituent errors for parameters with multiple
alternative value types;
*) certificates - merge '/certificate ca' into '/certificate',
use set-ca-passphrase to maintain CA functionality;
*) lcd - backlight option is replaced with "/lcd backlight" command
*) dhcp server - added option to disable conflict-detection;
*) console - ':return' does not trigger 'on-error=' action of ':do' command;
*) route - fixed crash that could be triggered by change in nexthop
address resolution;
*) route - some imported VPNv4 routes were not using MPLS labels;
*) route - imported VPNv4 routes were not always updated or removed when
the original route changed;
*) winbox - fixed problem where all settings were read only on first open;
*) ovpn server - use only ciphers that are allowed not that client requested;
*) ssh client - fixed public key authentication;
*) ipsec - fix peer mathing with non byte aligned masks;
*) fix routerboot upgrading if RouterOS is partitioned;
*) add support for second serial port on CCR boards;
*) fix serial port baudrate selection on CCR boards;
*) ethernet interface stats that are behind switch chip
show real hw stats instead of just the traffic that goes through cpu;

What's new in 6.4 (2013-Sep-12 13:52):

*) wireless - improved 802.11n wireless retransmission (doesn't effect nstreme/nv2)
*) ovpn - allow to specify server via dns name;
*) winbox - fixed problem where ipv6 routes with non local link address gateway
could not be added;
*) fixed watchdog on mipsle boards;
*) traceroute - added count & max-hops parameters;
*) traceroute - added back use-dns parameter;
*) fixed usb Yota LTE modem hangup;
*) console - make newly added item names always immediately available;
*) graphing - make sure that interface graphs gets preserved across reboots;

What's new in 6.3 (2013-Sep-03 12:25):

*) ssh - fixed denial of service;
*) traceroute - show mpls labels as well;
*) bug fix - sometimes some new interfaces could not be created properly any more (f.e. some pppoe clients could not connect);
*) console - added '/console clear-history' command that clears command-line
history for all users, requires 'policy' policy;
*) sstp - limit packet queue for each device;
*) RB2011L - fixed occasional gigabit switch-chip lockup;
*) user manager - will warn on 1MB and stop before reaching minimum of 500KB disk space;
*) hotspot - do not account traffic to local hotspot pages;
*) ppp, hotspot - added ability to specify where to insert rate limiting queue,
it's parent and type;
*) pptp, l2tp, sstp - allow to specify server via dns name;
*) dhcp - added ability to specify where to insert rate limiting queue;
*) www proxy - support ipv6 parent proxy;
*) webfig - fixed problem when opening quickset page country
was automaticly changed to etsi;
*) traceroute - added mtr like pinging;
*) fix queues - correct queue was not installed when last child removed;
*) fix simple queues - sometimes some simple queues would stop
working after configuration changes;
*) console - fixed issue with local variables having non-empty value
before first assignment;
*) console - fixed command ":global name" without second argument to not
create or change global variable "name", only effect is to make "name"
refer to global variable.
*) console - fixed passing local variables as argument to function;
*) RB1200 - fixed crash when receiving over l2mtu size packets
on some ethernet interfaces;

What's new in 6.2 (2013-Aug-02 10:37):

*) console - added "on-error" argument to ':do' command that is executed
if command raises error;
*) hotspot - fixed chap error after failed http-chap login (broken in v6.1);
*) console - added new ':return' command that interrupts execution of script
and passes argument as return value if script was called as function;
*) routerboot - fixed upgrade from RouterOS (could fail on some units);
*) userman - fixed payment gateway response notify processing;
*) console - resolved issue with 'from-pool' propery in '/ipv6 address';
*) console - array value syntax in expressions '{1;2;3;4}' now can
specify values with word keys as '{a=1;b=2}';
*) console - added 'verbose' argument to '/import' command that enables
line-by-line script import. By default import whole script at once
and don't print it, as it was in version 6.0;
*) console - ':global', ':local' and ':set' commands have new parameter 'do'
that allows assigning block of commands to the variable;
*) console - global variables now are common to all users and are
available to all users with at least "read,write,test,policy" policy;
*) console - fixed parameter passing to scripts. Script parameters can
be accessed without declaring them with ':local' and ':global' commands.
For backwards compatibility global variables are first looked up in
script parametrs;
*) console - '$var 1 2 a="a" b="b"' syntax for passing parameters to commands
stored in a variable. Parameters are accessed as '$1' '$2' '$a' '$b';
*) ipsec - fixed peer address matching;
*) ups - query smart ups capabilities before issuing any commands;
*) improved CCR responsiveness on other interfaces when one interface is under attack;
*) sms tool - added sim-pin setting;
*) dhcp server - framed routes are now also added to the server routing table;
*) dhcpv6 server - added binding-script option;
*) proxy - allow multiple src-address for ipv4 and ipv6;
*) eoip,gre tunnels could occasionally crash multicore router;
*) fixed bug - sometimes some types of interfaces would stop working;
*) ipsec sometimes could crash kernel on CCR;
*) connection tracking sometimes could crash kernel on CCR;
*) ppp,pptp,l2tp,sstp - added default-route-distance parameter;
*) scep - "/cert scep ra" merged into "/cert scep client" without saving ra config;
*) ipsec - fix phase1 autonegotiation on little endian platforms;
*) pppoe server - allow service with empty service-name to accept all pppoe clients;
*) lcd - current-screen option is replaced with "/lcd show" command
*) lcd - current-interface option is replaced with "/lcd interface display" command
*) graphing - make graphs stable on ppp & ovpn interfaces;
*) www, hotspot - fixed problem when www service stopped responding on high load;
*) winbox, webfig: allow to enter space in the text fields;
*) webfig - fixed configuration of VPLS & routing filters;
*) lcd - added option for enabling or disabling the touch screen;
*) lcd - added options for screen switching;
*) lcd - up to 10 non-physical interfaces can now be added to the lcd;
*) lcd - all interface graph screen can now be customized from /lcd interface page;
*) backup - changed default backup file name to <id>-<YY><MM><DD>-<HHMM>.backup
for file browsers to sort them properly;
*) webfig - it did not work in Opera;
*) webfig - made terminal work again;
*) winbox - added ability to fully set up traffic generator in winbox;
*) trafficgen - allow ranges for ip addrs and udp ports;
*) trafficgen - add tcp header support;
*) queue simple - fixed bug - actual queue order sometimes was wrong;
*) queue simple - queue is not invalid when at least one of target interfaces is up;
*) fixed crash when setting master-port on AR8327 switch chips;
*) fixed addresslist - dynamic entries sometimes would still
show up even afther being timed out;
*) added /ip settings allow-hw-fast-path setting to control AR8327N hardware ipv4 fast path;
*) vrrp - allow more than one vrrp on interface;

What's new in 6.1 (2013-Jun-12 11:50):

*) pptp, l2tp - fixed crash when tunnel mru was too big and fragmented ip packet
was received;
*) hotspot - fixed problem when after upgrade hotspot html directory was empty;
*) ipv6 nd - dns dynamic-servers were not included in router advertisements;
*) winbox - fixed problem Switch menu disappeared on RB2011;
*) fixed memory amount issue on RB1100AHx2;
*) console - '/import' prints each command that is executed;
*) console - 'import' has new argument 'from-line' that starts executing
commands after specified line;
*) secure api - fixed problem when wrong client ip address was reported;
*) hotspot - fixed universal client;
*) api - added support for API over TLS (SSL);
*) api - api service is now enabled by default;
*) ppp - do not show R flag for locally authenticated users;
*) vrrp - fixed ah authentication;
*) webfig - added support for RADIUS authentication (via MS-CHAPv2);
*) ipsec - for peers with full IP address specified system will
autostart ISAKMP SA negotiation;
*) trafficgen - added inject-pcap command for replaying pcap files into network;
*) dns - retry queries with tcp if truncated results received;
*) improved queue statistics updating;
*) fix 1G linking with some Cisco devices (affects RB7xx, RB9xx, RB1100, RB2011, CCR);

What's new in 6.0 (2013-May-17 14:04):

*) ipsec - added /peer passive option which will prevent starting ISAKMP negotiation
and signifies xauth responder/initiator side;
*) RouterBOARD - default wireless config now includes password - serial number;
*) lte - support YOTA WLTUBA-107;
*) console - fixed crash when variable name was not specified for
':global', ':local', ':set', ':for' and ':foreach' commands;
*) hotspot - added mac-cookie login method;
http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Ho ... MAC_Cookie
*) lcd - show a message when system shutdown is complete;
*) lcd - added Log screen which is accessible through the Main Menu
and shows log messages where action=echo;
*) ipsec - added pre-shared-key-xauth and rsa-signature-hybrid
authentication methods;
*) increased max l2mtu on CCR to 10226 bytes;
*) fixed crash on RB1200;
*) fixed bonding - did not work after remove, undo;
*) fixed queues - router could become unresponsive when configuring queues;

What's new in 6.0rc14 (2013-Apr-24 11:52):

*) route - make connected routes inactive when interface has no link;
*) ipsec - changing or removing unused peer or proposal config won't
flush active SAs;
*) console - add 'without-paging' to more 'print' commands;
*) route - automatically repair FIB inconsistencies;
*) ipsec mode-cfg - unity split include support;
*) ipsec policy - template matching for policy generation;
*) metarouter: fixed occasional lockups on mipsbe boards;
*) fixed crash when bridge filter rule had action=return for rule in builtin chain;
*) traffic-flow - fixed deadlock and crash on multicore;
*) fixed memory leak on CCR with PPPoE interfaces;
*) improved PPPoE interface encapsulation performance;
*) fixed queues - total amount of traffic passing through queues sometimes was
about 1Gbit;

What's new in 6.0rc13 (2013-Apr-08 14:25):

*) pppoe, l2tp, pptp server - increased lcp retransmit count to 10;
*) pptp, l2tp & pppoe clients - added ability to specify keepalive timeout;
*) graphing - fixed problem were interface graphs are lost on reboot;
*) dhcpv6 - added relay;
*) sstp server - restore (disabled in rc12) test mode which allows
running server without certificate;
*) lcd - added option for turning backlight on/off;
*) bgp - fix med comparison check if routes are received from iBGP peer;
*) fixed simple queues - sometimes some simple queues did not limit traffic
(bug introduced in 6.0rc12);
*) allow to change arp timeout (in /ip settings);
*) added /ip neighbor discovery settings setting "default-for-dynamic" to control
discovery on new dynamic interfaces (off by default);

What's new in 6.0rc12 (2013-Mar-26 17:18):

*) ospf - add use-dn option;
*) ospf - fix route-tag handling;
*) fixed layer7 matcher - it is case insensitive now;
*) remote logging - added iso8601 time format support;
*) bgp - change MED propagation logic, now discarded when sending route with
non-empty AS_PATH to an external peer;
*) fixed occasional nand corruption on CCR;
*) ipsec - added ipv4 mode-cfg support for responder;
*) ipsec - fixed some issues with removal of dynamic policies;
*) email - renamed parameter tls to start-tls for send command;
*) wireless - update required when using small width channel RB2011 RB9xx
caveat: update remote end/s before updating AP as both side are
required to use new/same version for a link
*) ipsec - generate-policy now can have port-strict value which will use port
from peer's proposal when generating policy or port-override which
will always generate policy for any port;
*) ipsec - responder side now uses initiator exchange type for peer
config selection;
*) lcd - changed All interface stat screen (bar graphs) to show total
bandwidth usage, combine rx/tx together;
*) lcd - removed "all-interface-mode" option;
*) lcd - changed "Interfaces" screen to show interface usage
similiar to All interface stat screen;
*) lcd - improved Interfaces -> * -> Info screen, added more wireless information;
*) lcd - added Registration Table screen for wireless interfaces under
Interfaces -> 'wireless interface' -> Registration Table;
*) fixed occasional kernel crashes on CCR;
*) fixed other than only-hardware-queue interface queues on CCR;
*) lte - devices with vendor/product id pair 0x0f3d/0x68AA now
uses directip inferface;
*) dhcp client v4 - option add-default-route now supports special-classless value;
*) significantly increased simple queue performance on multi core systems
(up to 9x on CCR1036 with at least 32 top level simple queues);
*) ip arp - new property published;
*) web proxy - added new option max-cache-object-size,
upper limit of max-client-connections and max-server-connections
is now calculated from system RAM;
*) ospf - fixed inconsistency in external ECMP route calculation;
*) certificates - CA keys are no more cached, every CA operations
now requires a valid CA passphrase.
use set-ca-passphrase for scep server to cache CA key in encrypted form;
*) ppp - made MPPE encryption work on tilera (bug introduced in 6.0rc10);
*) tool fetch - https support with optional certificate verification;
*) sstp server - removed test mode which allowed running server without certificate;
*) trafficgen - add support for ipv6 header;
*) wireless - added support for small channels on SXT lite;

What's new in 6.0rc11 (2013-Feb-22 09:17):

*) ppp - made MPPE encryption work on tilera (bug introduced in 6.0rc10);
*) sstp server - added option to force AES encryption;
*) fixed router crash on heavy traffic with sierra lte
modem on boards with 32MB RAM;

What's new in 6.0rc10 (2013-Feb-15 10:47):

*) ppp - added bridge-path-cost & bridge-port-priority to ppp profiles;
*) ppp - made RSTP work over ppp links as well;
*) ppp - added last-logged-out to ppp secrets;
*) ppp - made MRRU work propererly on CCR;
*) hotspot, ppp - support multiple address-lists;
*) fixed problem - could not format disks larger than 2Gb on CCR;
*) fixed problem - repartitioning flash second time made system unbootable;
*) fixed problem - partition fall back settings got corrupted;
*) fixed problem - package made for other architectures could be installed,
making whole system non functioning;
*) sstp, ipsec - respect CRLs;
*) certificates - for certificates marked as trusted=yes,
CRL will be automaticly updated once in hour from http sources;
*) fixed ppp family interfaces - show it's status (bug introduced in rc8);
*) fixed p2p, connection-bytes firewall matcher;
*) fixed ip firewall nat action=same;

What's new in 6.0rc9 (2013-Feb-08 08:15):

*) ospf - fixed Summary-LSA prefix length check for OSPFv3, was not
accepting valid LSAs;
*) certificates - fix broken certificate handling
(bug introduced in rc8) in all related programs;
*) fixed - bgp tcp-md5-key crash on CCR;
*) fixed interfaces list sometimes showing up empty;
*) fixed - ip addrs could be inactive for some types of interfaces
which are added as bridge ports and disabled;

What's new in 6.0rc8 (2013-Feb-04 13:25):

*) ppp,pppoe,pptp,l2tp,sstp - only 2 change mss mangle rules are
created for all ppp interfaces;
*) wireless - fixed AES encryption speed issues (upgrade suggested);
*) dhcpv6 server - handle info requests;
*) webfig - compressed all html resource files, speeds up opening of webfig page;
*) console - reduced width of address column in '/user print';
*) simple queues requires target arg to be specified when adding;
*) do not count packets for unknown protocols as rx_dropped;
*) snmp - provide POE info;
*) improved cpu usage reporting on CCR boards;
*) improved interface reading performance;
*) changed CLI interface order - first are ethernets,
second wireless, third everything else.
Within group interfaces are ordered by name;
*) interfaces are deleted much faster, could be bottleneck on
systems with many ppp sessions;
*) pptp,l2tp,6to4 tunnel encapsulation/decapsulation now resets packet marks to
have consistent behavior across tunnels;
*) fix simple queue interface matching when doing encapsulation in some tunnel,
could result in double accounted packets;
*) ip/ipv6 firewall has all-ether,all-wireless,all-vlan,all-ppp interface matchers
*) queue limits could be inaccurate for large limits (100M or more);

What's new in 6.0rc7 (2013-Jan-18 13:04):

*) dhcp relay - possibility to add relay agent information option;
*) lcd - options current-interface, time-interval and all-interface-mode
no longer get reset after reboot;
*) fix reboot in virtualized enviroment;
*) lcd - improve slideshow screen;
*) console - file print now shows file size as small number with suffix;
*) dhcp v4 - fix problem when sometimes client or server failed to send packets
most likely it happened on vlan interfaces;
*) ipv6 - added setting to disable forwarding;
*) added "/ip neighbor discovery settings" menu with "default=yes/no" setting;

What's new in 6.0rc6 (2012-Dec-21 12:20):

*) fixed problem - netinstall for x86 did not work;
*) lcd - added take-screenshot command;
*) lcd - fixed calibration, fresh boards no longer require recalibration;
*) optimize memory usage - makes 32Mb routerboards more stable;
*) support BandRich modems with newer firmware;
*) ipsec - authentication using certificate store but without CRL checking for now;
*) added feature - flash can be partitioned on routerboards and
separate versions can be installed on each of them (requires latest firmware);
*) fixed problem - after restoring backup, it gets restored again on every reboot;
*) improved router performance when dhcp client/server present in system;
*) fixed vlan on bond after reboot;
*) fixed occasional queue kernel crash;

What's new in 6.0rc5 (2012-Dec-05 15:22):

*) wireless - advanced rate selection is the only method supported;
*) ssh client - support keyboard-interactive authentication;
*) fix simple queue config upgrade;

What's new in 6.0rc4 (2012-Nov-28 17:16):

*) dhcp server - added two radius string options (24, 25)
for use in custom dhcp options;
*) fixed problem - ppp dial-on-demand did not work, it allways dialed in;
*) fixed problem - password was not saved when adding new user;
*) added feature - show last-logged-in in users list;
*) snmp - fix interface table;
*) dhcp ipv6 - added comment fields;
*) dhcp client ipv6 - add/remove default route or ntp server
without renew when settings change;
*) ppp clients - set up dns dynamic-servers instead of static ones;
*) fixed problem - Connect button did not work in wireless scanner;
*) dhcp server - added radius framed route support;
*) fixed problem - MetaROUTERs did not work
on PowerPC boards (RB800, RB1000, RB1100);
*) fixed problem - check-for-updates stopped working if it didn't find new updates
*) dhcp ipv6 - added dns option support;
*) gre - support all protocol encapsulation, not just ip and ipv6;

What's new in 6.0rc3 (2012-Nov-09 12:59):

*) fixed problem - MetaROUTERs did not work on RB2011s;
*) fixed problem - Realtek 1Gbit ethernet cards did not work;
*) added "/ip settings" menu with following settings:
ip-forward, send-redirects, accept-source-route, accept-redirects,
secure-redirects, rp-filter, tcp-syncookies;
*) fix some ipv6 firewall matchers;
*) improved performance for eoip,eoipv6,gre,gre6 tunnels, especially on multi core;
*) /queue tree entries with parent=global are performed
separately from /queue simple and before /queue simple;
*) snmp - fixed missing OIDs;

What's new in 6.0rc2 (2012-Oct-24 11:27):

*) added generic fast path support on certain interfaces
(all ethernets on RB3xx, RB6xx, RB7xx, RB8xx, RB9xx, RB1000, RB11xx, RB2011);
*) added ipv4 fast path, it doubles ipv4 forwarding performance
on supported interfaces when no firewall, conntrack, queues.
*) added traffic generator fast path;
*) addedbridge fast path;
More info on fast path: http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Fast_Path

What's new in 6.0rc1 (2012-Sep-26 14:56):

*) i386 - increased number of supported cores to 64;
*) userman - fix unpaid profile activation while authenticating;
*) dhcp client - custom options;
*) dhcp options - allow mixing different data types;
*) console - "export compact" now is the default, use "export verbose" to get
previous behaviour;
*) ntp - make it work again;
*) tftpd - if real-file is a existing directory then prefix request with it;
*) RB333 ethernets are back;
*) dns - rotate servers only on failure;
*) fix M3P (/ip packing);

What's new in 6.0beta3 (2012-Aug-22 12:12):

*) installation - use much less space in storage (works well with 32MiB flash);
*) routerboard package is now merged with system package;
*) userman - use corresponding time zone data when showing date in console;
*) gps - init-string option;
*) ipsec - kill phase1 if ipsec-sa in responder expires due to system time change;
*) ipsec - rekey phase1 before expiration;
*) ipsec - when last ISAKMP-SA is deleted for the remote host
remove related IPSec-SAs;
*) ipsec - send delete IPSec-SAs on shutdown/reboot;
*) user manager - fix user's active profile end time if it has unlimited validity,
these users now won't be hidden from reports when date filters are in effect;
*) certificate validity is shown using local timezone offset;
*) fixed queue bit rate reporting;
*) fixed ipv6 firewall;
*) upgraded drivers and kernel (to linux-3.3.5);
*) added priority matcher to firewall;
*) added change-dscp from-priority and from-priority-to-high-3-bits options;
*) fixed router crash or hang when rebooting;
*) add snif-tzsp,snif-pc actions to ip/ipv6 firewall mangle;
*) traffic-generator improvements for multi core;

What's new in 6.0beta2 (2012-Apr-24 10:57):

*) "/ip address set" and "/ipv6 address set" commands did not work properly;
*) fix eoipv6 tunnels, tunnel-ids in packets were shuffled;
*) fix dynamic simple queues;
*) fix /ipv6 firewall connection-state matcher, was crashing router;
*) fix traffic generator, was crashing router when generating traffic
on bonding interface;
*) fix wds interfaces;
*) downgrading to v5 was losing wireless interface configuration;
*) fix queue byte and rate statistics;
*) fix ethernet port order on all boards;

What's new in 6.0beta1 (2012-Apr-13 15:26):

*) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-;
*) improved interface management
(scales well for up to thousands of interfaces and more);
*) improved queue management (/queue simple and /queue tree) - easily handles tens
of thousands of queues;
*) improved overall router performance when simple queues are used -
at least double the performance of v5,
even bigger improvements on multicore systems;
*) very small overhead for packets that miss simple queues,
but simple queues are present in the system;
*) pcq queue is NAT aware (just like "/queue simple" and "/ip traffic-flow";
*) in "/ip firewall mangle" can specify "new-priority=from-dscp-high-3-bits";
*) new default queue types: pcq-download-default and pcq-upload-default;
*) simple queues have separate priority setting for download/upload/total;
*) slave flag shows up for interfaces that are in bridge,bonding or switch group;
*) global-in, global-out, global-total parent in /queue tree is
replaced with global that is equivalent to global-total in v5;
*) simple queues happen in different place - at the very end of
postrouting and local-in chains;
*) simple queues target-addresses and interface parameters are joined into one
target parameter, now supports multiple interfaces match for one queue;
*) simple queues dst-address parameter is changed to dst and now supports
destination interface matching;
*) dns cache logs requests to topics "dns" and "packet";
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